Another Tomorrow

  • Brand identity
  • Digital
  • Artistic direction
  • Product & packaging
  • Brand identity
  • Digital
  • Artistic direction
  • Product & packaging

Sustainable luxury. Community. Action.

After 15 years in the world of finance, Vanessa Barboni Hallik had a vision to change the fashion industry from the inside out. Partnering with Jane Chung, co-founder of DKNY, she set out to create a business that would empower women to live their values through the clothing they wear. NR2154 helped translate this vision into a distinct and elevated brand platform. Since launching, the brand has gained recognition from The Cut to Italian Vogue, and a cult following from eco-conscious customers worldwide.

"A brand as ethically minded as it is refined, the clothing line Another Tomorrow offers up a new model for environmentally sound design." — T The New York Times Style Magazine


Rather than applying bandages to a flawed system, Another Tomorrow wanted to push the boundaries of what responsibly sourced and ethically manufactured clothing can achieve. Working with the founding team, we built a brand that extends beyond fashion to serve as an example for the industry to follow. This started by articulating a brand purpose that drove all aspects of the project: To create without compromise.


We translated this purpose into an identity subtly inspired by ’60s counterculture: the wordmark features letterforms with an homage to the Whole Earth Catalog, and cut details reflect the streamlined and precise tailoring of the garments.


Introducing the brand and its beliefs to the world, our campaign encouraged reflection on the possibilities of a new tomorrow. We worked with photographer Katja Mejer to bring this idea to life, pairing bold portraits with sculptural florals to illustrate the connection between human and nature. This subtly surrealist concept was inspired by the utopian works of ’70s architecture firm, Superstudio, one of Vanessa’s influences for the brand.

Campaign photography by Katja Mayer

Digital platform

We tapped into one of our partners, Six, to co-create an immersive, multi-functional content and commerce platform. The in-depth experience spans education, activism, and editorial. We produced and art directed the content to support both the product and the larger brand vision.

Website development by Six


Drawing on our knowledge of sustainable material design, we worked with the in-house team and their suppliers to develop all packaging materials and production cycles in accordance with Another Tomorrow’s core environmental principles. Each garment features a unique QR code that traces its complete provenance, while full carbon-offset and resale programs support the goal of human, animal, and environmental welfare.


The retail space on Bleecker Street in New York is a place for discovery and curiosity. We consulted on the design, extending the brand identity into the physical space.