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A vision for the next 250 years

As its 250th anniversary approached, Hennessy asked NR2154 to define new brand codes that would create the foundation for a cohesive design system tying together the Maison’s many initiatives and product lines while maintaining the distinct personality of each. This work helped evolve, clarify, and strengthen the brand, allowing for more harmonious expression across channels and mediums.

To gain a deeper understanding of the brand’s history and story, we started the project with an immersion into Hennessy’s rich heritage through a discovery session in Cognac. Founded on discovery, craftsmanship, and the passing of know-how from generation to generation, Hennessy’s marrying of heritage with future vision became the guide for our design decisions.

Mark and pattern

Our audit of the archives revealed a recurring diamond motif over two centuries old, that inspired the new H mark. Now reflected everywhere from retail to communications, it has also become a recognizable brand signifier in markets where the full Hennessy name cannot legally be used. The 45-degree angles are reflected in a variety of Hennessy’s core symbols, from their vineyards to the compass rose, becoming the underlying design guide for all other codes.

Video © Hennessy

Custom typefaces

Based on the 45-degree angle of the mark, we developed two custom typefaces, Hennessy Sans and Hennessy Serif, each with a unique expression. These assets allow the brand to maintain its unique voice wherever it appears.

250th anniversary

The new codes were launched for the 250th year anniversary of the Hennessy Maison, celebrating Hennessy’s legacy while keeping a keen eye on its future. The anniversary identity was designed with a unique system that used the new master brand codes, and included the packaging design for the special edition 250 Collector’s Blend cognac.

Video © Hennessy

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Campaign image by Mazarine, carafe design by Maison Hennessy

Image by Bonnie Yap