Hennessy V.S.O.P

  • Product & packaging
  • Brand identity

  • Product & packaging
  • Brand identity

A new icon

Hennessy asked us to entirely reimagine their packaging, to bring unity, modernity, and prestige across a range that had been developed as individual sub-brands, all while championing sustainability.

As part of that work, we created a new carafe, gift packaging, and identity for V.S.O.P., Hennessy's iconic cognac.

The carafe

The existing V.S.O.P lacked some of the distinguished character that was inherent to other products in the range. We began by diving deep into the Hennessy archive to identify a form language that would carry V.S.O.P within the range. Through a close study of the carafe, we distilled its forms, focusing on the unique shape of its base and creating harmonious overall proportions.

The bras armé

We deployed our newly redesigned bras armé, the historic symbol of the Hennessy brand, to create an iconic emblem on the front of the bottle.

Brand identity

We created a cohesive visual system across the range, carefully redrawing the logos, lettering, and grapevines to harmoniously extend from the redesigned masterbrand codes.


We harnessed the silhouette of the new carafe to adorn the giftbox, creating a new, unified visual system for the range.


The redesigned carafe was launched with an epic film shot by Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino.

Images © Hennessy. Hennessy Artistic Director: Khoa Dodinh