• Brand identity
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  • Brand identity
  • Product & packaging

Harmony from complexity

Hennessy asked us to redesign their brand identity and packaging range from top to bottom, to create a unique expression for the brand that would carry it into the future while respecting its illustrious history.

The approach

Hennessy’s relentless quest for mastery became the inspiration behind the visual identity. Drawing from a legacy of craftsmanship perfected over 250 years, and inspired by its location in Cognac, we created a modern, unified family of codes to capture Hennessy’s artistry and carried the approach through to a full reinvention of their packaging.


With exacting detail, we redrew the Hennessy logo and its iconic ‘bras armé’ imbuing them with carefully crafted fluidity and expression worthy of the brand’s legacy. The bras armé was evolved to be a mark of celebration, freeing it from the armor it was depicted with on Hennessy's original coat of arms.

Graphic elements

We extended this same visual language to the brand's vine motif, used across their product range, as well as a new bespoke pattern.

Custom typefaces

We custom-designed three distinctive typefaces to communicate the brand. We created a modern interpretation of the hand lettering used to date the cognac barrels, with a full set of stylistic alternates and ligatures.

A sans and a serif with a shared geometry yet distinctive voices are used across all of Hennessy's communications.

Images © Hennessy. Hennessy Artistic Director: Khoa Dodinh