This is Tiffany

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Tiffany, for a new generation

To strengthen its iconic status under new leadership, Tiffany was looking for a new image for its exclusive magazine to engage a wider audience. We outlined a new approach for the magazine, transforming This is Tiffany into a more expressive, modern, lifestyle-driven editorial platform that was still connected to the brand’s 180+ year history. The ideas and design directions established in print extended well beyond the page, creating a holistic experience across social, in-store, out of home, and beyond.

Issue no. 6

With a focus on real people and real stories, our first issue of This Is Tiffany expressed this new vision of luxury — literally ripping open the cover to reveal a more fun, energetic, and accessible side of the brand.

Issue no. 7

The next issue continued this vision, diving deeper into the world of accessible luxury with playful layouts and artisanal details.

Issue no. 9

For Issue 9, we continued in a direction that spoke to artisanship, while bringing an additional layer of refinement and elevation to the design.