Georg Jensen campaigns

  • Artistic direction
  • Artistic direction

Georg Jensen through the lens of an artist

To bring our rebranding work to life, our campaign platforms shone a light on the company’s refined message and story of its Danish roots and authentic, artistic mission of elevating design. Expanding its audience in Asia and the Americas, we developed a multi-year, multi-season campaign approach that responded not only to seasonal changes but to geographic shifts and an expanding audience. This included identifying new global talent and collaborators, and translating our core idea of the ‘Georg Jensen muse’ across cultures.

The eye of the artist

Our launch campaign played with light, shadow, and form to transform models into muses, and objects into works of art. Through an extensive range of on-figure and still-life imagery, we presented the brand’s expanding collection, from jewelry to timepieces and small leather goods for both men and women.

In the artist's studio

To grow Jensen’s appeal in the expanding Asian market we placed our muses in the artist’s studio, integrating a bolder, brighter palette to carry the message of artistry and craftsmanship to a broader audience.

The muse

To introduce new jewelry by Jordan Askill, we developed a darker, moodier set, displaying both model and jewellery on pedestals, elevating not only the work but the artist and the brand as well.