• Artistic direction
  • Artistic direction

Translating purpose into content

In the midst of American and European expansion, Uniqlo needed a unified and impactful content strategy that could easily extend throughout key channels. NR2154 was tasked with bringing the company’s massive content footprint into one cohesive and elegant visual direction that could be easily understood across cultures.


Extending Uniqlo’s brand purpose of simple made better, we defined a content strategy and editorial pillars that would unify visual storytelling: The power of simple.


We brought our content strategy to life by concepting and producing a series of editorials to demonstrate how thoughtful and functional clothing can improve life. This series marked a major shift for Uniqlo, away from product and technical features to focusing on more emotional and character-driven lifestyle narratives.

Simple at the core

We expanded the use of editorial imagery into ‘core’ content featured in Uniqlo’s retail locations. Blurring the line between social, editorial, campaign, and influencer, this content told a consistent story across the many touchpoints in Uniqlo’s marketing ecosystem, including social media,, CRM, and in-store.


We streamlined Uniqlo’s content production process into a single strategic workflow, establishing easy to understand guidelines that could be applied to e-comm as well as in-store imagery and still-lifes. These guidelines unified content creation on global shoots happening simultaneously — allowing scattered teams of photographers, stylists, hair stylists, makeup artists, and casting pools to operate from the same creative foundation.

Bringing laydown to life

We extended this approach to still-life imagery, simplifying and streamlining the shooting process for thousands of SKUs. We established a tiered system to prioritize key categories and optimize budget.

Elevating in-store and POP

We elevated the imagery used in-store and at point-of-purchase by creating this content on-set along with e-commerce, bringing all Uniqlo communication up to the same high standards.